Ah, Insecurity!

“Mom, I totally get that I don’t have to be like everyone else…but what if I feel like I should be?” Anna-11

Now this, my dear daughter, your mother totally gets.

I hate insecurity. I especially hate how it sneaks up on you unexpectedly, seeping into your brain without any warning.

Last week I was plugging along feeling confident about my ideas and the concept of blogging. Today, I feel like an insecure 13-year-old who just bought a trendy new outfit but hesitates to wear it for fear that all the girls at school will roll their eyes and say, “Can you even believe she wore that? What the hell was she thinking?” Ugh!

I wish I could tell my daughter that insecurity magically disappears as you grow. That by the time your finished with puberty you are morphed into a self-assured, confident woman. But the reality is that managing insecurity can sometimes feel like a full-time job.

A very wise woman who I love and respect recently gave me an exercise to fight off the feelings of insecurity. She suggested that you visualize the voice of your internal critic, thank it for its input and then ask it to please leave. In its place, invite in a nurturing voice and ask her for encouragement.

So, dear daughter, let’s chat with our nurturing voice. Let’s have coffee with her each morning. We’ll invite her to afternoon tea. And maybe if we ask her nicely, she’ll shout out a cheer or two for us each evening as we head off to bed…complete with cartwheels and backflips.

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