Bunny Tales

“Seriously Mom, a bunny? You expect me to believe a cute, fuzzy, little bunny is going to hop all around the world dragging along baskets filled with candy and trinkets to millions of kids? I mean, c’mon Mom…it’s physically impossible! And…I can tell by the way you’re smiling right now that you’re totally lying.” Anna-11

It’s true, I lied. Actually, let’s use the word “pretend”…it sounds much nicer. So, I pretended. Then I pretended again and just when I thought I was done…I pretended some more.

I can speak candidly with my daughter about the birds and the bees but I cringe each time she confronts me about the reality of Santa or the Easter Bunny. I stammer. I stutter. I avoid eye contact. I change the subject. I talk about the weather.

I know she knows. They discuss these things at school and on the bus. 5th graders are savvy creatures. They throw out words like “crap” and “freakin'” to prove they’re cutting edge. In fact, I can hear the conversation now, “Can you believe my Mom still thinks I believe in the Easter Bunny? What a bunch of freakin’ crap!” All this said while being bounced around the back of the school bus.

But I can’t do it. I can’t admit it just yet. She knows life isn’t a fairy tale. She’s learning it’s filled with lots of tough stuff. That’s why I want her to hold on to the magic of childhood just a little bit longer. I want her to indulge me and play along. So, I’m going to bite my cheek to keep from laughing and I’m going to continue to pretend.

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10 Responses to Bunny Tales

  1. kluckmeister says:

    This sounds like the first post of a story where continuing to stick to the part eventually goes too far…


  2. kluckmeister says:

    Actually I wasn’t trying to criticise. I was merely hoping that this post might lead to another one explaining how deep into the “rabbit hole” you went to keep the easter bunny alive in your kids’ minds!

    Re-reading I realize my comment was as clear as easter bunny-droppings… which we all know are where jelly beans come from.


  3. memaw says:

    I think that you need to follow Jay’s credo and someday explain to Anna that: “I wasn’t lying…I was acting. There’s a huge difference.”


  4. Harley says:

    I love it!! Sooo true! 🙂


  5. I thought every kid knew by 3rd grade.


    • Bearman, you are right. This is another topic of discussion on the school bus…”What, are ya stupid? Of course your mom & dad hide those baskets!” I think my kids play along for fear that they’ll get less “stuff” if they longer believe.


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