A Bag of Balls

“Mom, what’s a ball sack?” Jay-8

I was unprepared for this question so I settled for the following…

“Well honey, that would be a bag filled with some balls, of course. Now take this blue freeze pop and go play outside.”  

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8 Responses to A Bag of Balls

  1. Jeff Silvey says:

    LOL. Nice diversion. Like, “Hey, there’s a Chuck. E. Cheese!” Then slowly back away.


  2. Connie Squido Spadafore says:

    Please ask me how we had to explain to our 4 year old this…after discovering he had a bulging hernia, he started crying because he thought he had lost one of his balls! He knew he had 2 with a bag or “sack” holding them in place. Why do my kids know so much so young…Oh yeah, mouthy teenagers teaching them stuff too early.


  3. Tony McGurk says:

    Ha Ha Great save on that situation.


  4. bearman says:

    Will a blue freeze pop cause shrinkage?


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