Driving Blind

“Mom, how do blind people drive?” Jay-8

Hmm…I never thought about this. I imagine this could potentially be an enormous problem.

Picture the scene…you and your significant other are driving down the highway enjoying the scenery when you notice a car swerving up ahead.

“Honey, stay away from that blue car up there. That guy is all over the road…I bet he’s drunk. Where are the cops when you need them?”

“No sweetie, he’s not drunk…just blind.”

“Oh thank God! I was worried.”

As you pass by, you smile and roll down your window to shout out a few words of encouragement…

“Hey, you’re doing great! Just watch out for the lane merge up ahead.” You give him a thumbs-up and fly by.

Feeling good about what you’ve just witnessed, you glance back to get one last look at the little blue car in time to see him plow right into the median…backing up traffic for miles.

“You know what Jay? I’m pretty sure blind people don’t drive.”

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4 Responses to Driving Blind

  1. Megan Bieber says:

    Drive-thru ATMs usually have braille on the numbers. He might be asking a very valid question.


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