H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

“Jay, you should never say the ‘H-Word’ unless you use it to talk about that bad place down there.  It’s ok to say, ‘I hope I never go to Hell.’  That would be fine.  But, you should never say to someone, ‘I hope you go to Hell.’  That would be bad.  Do you understand the difference?”  Will-10 to Jay-8

For those of you seeking some clarification on the proper use of the “H-Word”, I thought I’d share this little bit of wisdom that took place in the back of my mini-van. Please use it wisely and always with discretion. I would hate for one of you to end up in “that bad place down there.”

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16 Responses to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

  1. O. Leonard says:

    Such wisdom for a 10-year old. I can’t stop laughing. I mean I can so clearly see the difference now. I’m bad a lot.


  2. Hahaha…
    I’ve got to admit, that clears up a h-e-double hockey sticks of a lot of confusion on my part! 🙂


  3. John Erickson says:

    You should definitely be writing these into a book – “Wisdom From The Back Seat” – to accompany your other work, “Wisdom From The Bus”. You could make a MINT!


    • Hmm, I like your thinking. But I’m not sure there’s a market out there for nonsense about boogers, farts and blue freeze pops. 😉


      • John Erickson says:

        Are you KIDDING? If they can sell millions of copies about dopey teens hanging out with glittering vampires, there’s GOT to be an audience for all this goodness. Heck, you could write a version both for new parents as a learning guide, AND as a training manual for young kids to learn all the important life lessons. And what about all those poor people, including a few readers here, who were deprived of a key portion of their education by not riding the bus. I tell ya, you have a million-dollar idea here! 😀


  4. jenn says:

    This is too funny. I love the way kids minds work. So logical. 🙂


  5. Sandi Ormsby says:

    I think I’ll have to explain that to my 5 year old, who will then share with her 7 year old brother. She is very wise and understands quite a bit, her phrase is “I can do it. Here, let me show you.” really, she had to show me how to use a remote control the other day. 🙂

    Lake Forest, CA USA


  6. Oh, we have trouble with words…we use a few around here that other families don’t (they’ve called). And somehow words sound different when you say them as opposed to when your children do. For example, the “K” word, like when brownie batter is dripping from the kitchen ceiling, one might say “I’m going to kill you guys!” yet when repeated by the child to a fellow kindergardener, it just so different!?!


  7. jacquelincangro says:

    Just when I got all straightened out on the Rapture, now I’m glad to have this clarified also. Whew! 🙂


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