I Dream Of Shaq

“Mom, my new goal is to play in the NBA with Shaq.  I’ve been practicing.  I think they’ll take me.”  Jay-8

“Jay, you can’t play against Shaq.  He’s retired.”  Will-10

“What!?!  He’s retired!?!  Why!?!”  Jay-8   

“Jay, Shaq’s old.  He’s turning 40.”  Will-10

“Will, don’t say that.  It’s insulting to Mommy.”  Jay-8

“Jay, you could play against LeBron James. He’s still around.”  Will-10

“Yeah, I guess, but LeBron’s not that tall. How old is Yao Ming?  Is he still playing?” Jay-8

Note: Both of these boys are vertically challenged.

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15 Responses to I Dream Of Shaq

  1. Dad says:

    He has a better chance as a rapper. Shaq has had snacks that weigh more than Jay.


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    I love the picture. Jay is getting some serious air! He’s a regular Spud Webb.


  3. John Erickson says:

    Kudos to Jay for telling Will not to mention ages. Boy, he’s a real thinker AND a gentleman!


  4. jsh0608 says:

    That is just too cute!!! :0)


  5. jacquelincangro says:

    It’s good to dream B-I-G! 🙂


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