The Redcoats Are Coming!

“Mom, I’m sorta glad I don’t live in England. I think I’d probably feel badly about losing the Revolutionary War. Do you think the British are embarrassed?” Will-10

He’s a very empathetic child.


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11 Responses to The Redcoats Are Coming!

  1. They should be embarrassed. Standing there in big long rows of soldiers with bright red jackets on and out in the middle of wide open fields. Sounds like a good way to get yourself shot.


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    Brown Road is funny! (Your kids are funny, too!)


  3. John Erickson says:

    Haven’t you heard the old saying? “Being British means never being embarrassed.” They didn’t lose, they just closed down an unprofitable side show to concentrate on more lucrative arts of their empire. Besides, we were just one of those ungrateful little colonies they had, who never appreciated the gifts of King and Country, and who were condemned NEVER to outshine the glorious British Empire! You’ve heard of those little stagnant backwaters – India, South Africa, the US, etc. πŸ˜‰
    Besides, they got their revenge by burning down DC in the War of 1812. Hm. Suppose there’s any chance we could get them to do a reprise, clean those bums out of Congress? πŸ˜€
    (By the by, your picture is of the Dress Uniform of the Irish Guard, the 4th Regiment of Royal Foot Guards. I was a member of the US re-enacting group representing the Coldstream Guard, second in designation but second to none (Nulli Secundis in Latin.) You can tell by the buttons on the sleeve – groups of 2 for Coldstreamers, groups of four for the Irish Guard.)
    God Save The Queen!


    • John Erickson says:

      Argh! The Brits concentrated on PARTS of their Empire, not ARTS! Bloody fat fingers!


    • John, I knew I’d be hearing from you…you history buff. I had a feeling it was the wrong uniform, but the photo was free and I posted it legally, which was a plus for me considering my history of stolen pictures.


      • John Erickson says:

        The Revolutionary War uniforms aren’t all that different, so the shot isn’t technically wrong. Besides, it takes a nutcase like me to notice the little variations! I do know of one source, called Photobucket, that would most likely have the exact type of uniform (from the goofball re-enactors like me), though I’m not sure if it’s all public access or not. I know a lot of the guys who design warships for a hobby (yes, I DO know a lot of really strange people) put their shots out there. There’s also a place called that has a lot of free drawings of just about anything you could name.
        I’m not sure about the Revolutionary War, but it WAS the Coldstream Guard that helped torch DC in 1812. I suppose I could do a re-enactment of that, if you wanted. πŸ˜€


  4. And just think of all that tea they lost, too!
    Devastating! (if you’re into that sort of beverage, I guess)


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