Your Favorite Song Is Stupid!

“Anna, this is your favorite song.” Jay-8

“No, it’s not.” Anna-11

“Yes, it is. It’s totally your favorite song.” Jay-8

“Jay! This is NOT my favorite song. I don’t even like this song.” Anna-11

“Yes, it is. Will, isn’t this Anna’s favorite song?’ Jay-8

“Yup. It’s definitely her favorite song.” Will-10

“Oh My God! This is so NOT my favorite song. I HATE this song!” Anna-11

“Anna, you love this song. You dream about this song. It’s SO your favorite song.” Jay-8

“MOM! Jay said this is my favorite song! He won’t stop messing with me.” Anna-11

“It’s true. It is her favorite song. She’d die if she couldn’t hear this song.”      Jay-8

“MOM! Can I PLEASE kill him?!? This is NOT my favorite song. This is a stupid song!” Anna-11

“But Anna, that’s why it’s your favorite song…because it’s stupid, just like you.” Jay-8

So tell me. What is your favorite song? I promise I won’t call it, or you, stupid.

Note to Reader: In case you are wondering, Jay apologized and was sent to his room. I’m withholding blue freeze pops for a week.

This Is For My Mother … I bet she was there on that very night.


A mother's plight to find the funny in the frustrating and save her sanity.
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41 Responses to Your Favorite Song Is Stupid!

  1. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) says:

    Oooh, cruelty, the withholding of blue freeze pops. 😉

    Reading this gave me a sense of deja vu from my own childhood. Hmmmm.


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    You know – I have several favorite songs. Today, because I heard the news that Glen Campbell announced he has Alzheimers, I am going to say my favorite song is “Rhinestone Cowboy”. I hear in my head loud and clear, and I know the words by heart. Definitely one of my favorite songs.


    • Lenore, when I was about 12-years-old I met Glen Campbell. We were in a restaurant in Las Vegas and my mom spied him having dinner a few tables away. She paraded my brother and I up to his table so we could meet the Rhinestone Cowboy. He was extremely gracious. Poor Glen Campbell. 😦


  3. Megan Bieber says:

    Semi Charmed Life- Hands Down


    • Good one, Miss Bieber. My new favorite is “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry. It’s been stuck in my head for weeks now. I walk around singing it…the kids cringe and cover their ears. Apparently, I’m tone-deaf…who knew?


  4. O. Leonard says:

    Just the blue ones? Too funny, and too familiar. I’d have to say my favorite song, since I play it every year at Thanksgiving as a tradition, is “Tender Tennessee Christmas” but as sung by Amy Grant. I, of course, have others maybe not as stupid. LOL


  5. MeMa says:

    Slight correction to the Glen Campbell meeting – I sent a note, through the the maitre d’, asking permission for us to approach his table. You’re right, he was very gracious and it is sad to hear about his condition. He is still going to do one more tour though and announced the Alzheimer’s so that people would forgive him if he messes up or forgets the words from time to time. Now, that shows great courage. As far as favorite songs, as you know it would have to be anything sung by John Denver. Queen is good too though. Hmmm . . . .


  6. MeMa says:

    Thank you. I love it. Other than the births of you and your brother and, of course, the births of my beautiful, perfect grandchildren, one of the highlights of my life was when I was patted on the shoulder and “far-outed” by John Denver in a hallway at Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe, CA. (he actually said it twice during our brief conversation.) A happy memory.


  7. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    Ahahaha! This is a perfect demonstration of something Ba.D. and I were discussing this morning re: Li’l D. We were remarking on how funny it is that he can’t just ignore something he doesn’t like; he has to go out of his way to remove it from his field of vision to focus on what he wants. (Of course, I then evidenced the same behavior when I commanded my dog to back off. *headdesk*) Sounds like I can look forward to several years of this!

    As for my favorite song? I’d have to go with Brother Israel’s Over the Rainbow, because it’s been with me so long. I also love Enya’s To Go Beyond (II), which makes me feel like I could fly. Most recently, I’ve fallen in love with The Script’s For The First Time.


    • Deborah, all good picks. I also love The Script’s “For The First Time.”

      As for the kiddos and the dog, you are right…one track minds. I’m not sure when they learn to be more flexible and tolerant. I’ll keep you posted. 😉


  8. John Erickson says:

    Wow, withheld for a week? Man, remind me not to piss you off – you’re liable to come all the way here just to kick my butt! (Which I usually deserve, anyway. 😀 )
    “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits. A great, sad, emotional song about soldiers gone off to war. Oddly enough, more anti-military than pro, but still great. On its’ heels, and one for all us old farts in the audience, “Billy Don’t Be A Hero” by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods. I still have the 45 of it somewhere in my stuff.
    (This golden oldie brought to you by Geritol, AARP, and Ex-Lax. We now return you to your regularly scheduled century, already in progress.)


  9. When you’re my age, all the songs kids listen to are stupid! That statement makes me wonder “when did I become that guy?” Well, actually a few of them are okay. I am a John Denver fan though!!


  10. Loved the dialogue. Made me laugh out loud


  11. jsh0608 says:

    The River – Garth Brooks – this song lifts me up when I am down…I can hear it over and over again. :0) But I also have a lot of favorite songs. But this one helps me everytime through my sadness or happiness. :0)


  12. Hahaha…
    was that conversation referencing ‘This Old Guitar?’
    Because I was worried they might have been talking about my favorite song for a minute there…


    • No SIG, that would be blasphemy in this house. 😉 The said “stupid song” was “S &M” by Rihanna, which is, both stupid and inappropriate. Thankfully, the lyrics go right over their heads.
      “This Old Guitar” is my favorite JD song too.


  13. frigginloon says:

    Can beat Brandi Carlile for fav song ….


  14. frigginloon says:

    Oooh and Adventures of Isabel from Natalie Merchants latest album Leave Your Sleep. Natalie found old children’s poems and turned them into songs …..


  15. dragonfae says:

    I have to pick? *blink*

    I can’t pick just one though. A few of my all time favorites are:
    Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin
    Dust in the Wind – Kansas
    Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen


  16. Tony McGurk says:

    So what was the song that was/was not Anna’s favourite.
    I don’t really know what my favourite song is as my favourites vary all over the place. This is a big favourite at the moment


    • Tony, the said “stupid song” was Rihanna’s “S&M” which, I agree, is stupid…and inappropriate. Luckily, they are oblivious to the songs meaning.
      Thanks for sharing “Moonlight Shadow.” I love finding new music. 🙂


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