Don’t Let Her Dance

“Mom, please don’t dance.”  Anna-11


“Mom, please don’t embarrass me.”

“Anna, how could I possibly embarrass you?”

“You have your ways.”

“My ways? Give me an example.”

“Well, your dancing, for one.”

“My dancing is fabulous. What are you talking about?”

“Mom, please don’t dance. It’s old-fashioned and strange.”

“What! I grew-up in the 80’s…the last generation of truly great dancers. You’re lucky you have such a cool mother. Watch and learn, child.”

“Mom, please stop. No dancing.”

“Ok. I promise. I won’t embarrass you.”

“Mom, I’ll be watching you. You’re not trustable.”


A mother's plight to find the funny in the frustrating and save her sanity.
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26 Responses to Don’t Let Her Dance

  1. Yep…that’s my seventeen year old son! Everything I do embarrasses him, because ya know…I’m old now and not allowed to have a good time anymore, or something. This last weekend in pics has him absolutely horrified, I’m sure. Sadly, it just makes me want to embarrass him more. Don’t these kids know anything about reverse psychology? Sheesh! Even I knew that stuff when I was young!


  2. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) says:

    Keep dancing. Dance party on the blogosphere! Yay 80’s dancing.


  3. Hahaha… hilarious!
    I do a pretty mean ‘robot’.
    One whose joints have all been rusted solid, anyway. 🙂


  4. johncerickson says:

    Pshaw. The kids today have NO clue on how to bust a move. You go, girl – dance like you’re wearing leg warmers and a sweatshirt with the collar cut off! 😀


  5. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    Heh. Writing that entry about my mom and music, I left out all of my mortified memories of our trips to summer concerts. She was an excellent ballroom dancer, but do you suppose that helped in the midst of big ol’ hippie potfests? Nope, she got right out there and flailed with the best of ’em!

    I was mortified for many moons, till I realized most of the other folks were so busy with their own goofy dancing they couldn’t possibly be noting my mom’s own goofiness. :p


  6. Megan Bieber says:

    If it makes you feel any better, my dad told me we’re getting dancing lessons before my wedding because… direct quote… “You dance like your mother, Megan”

    Maybe I’ll just ask my husband Justin (Bieber) for some tips? You can come along. I bet your daughter won’t be embarrassed then…


  7. Aaaah… the wonderful 80’s, I have fond memories! When you’re rockin’ those 80’s moves, be careful not to blow a hole in your parachute pants.


  8. dragonfae says:

    Too funny! Just keep on embarrassing her … it builds character. 😉


  9. frigginloon says:

    I miss the M C Hammer pants 😦


  10. Lenore Diane says:

    Oh, this makes me shake my head in shame. My 6’7″ husband is not a good dancer. Truth be told – he embarrasses me. Let’s keep that between us, OK? Bahahahahaha…. who am i kidding. I tell him that all the time. *sigh*


  11. daeja's view says:

    “don’t dance mom! it’s embarrassing… and don’t sing, either…….”


  12. Emily says:

    Hahaha, I never got embarrassed by my mom except when she’d dance, and I know she’s good by 80’s standards, but it still makes me blush.


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