I Swear…it was an accident

“Mom, if you’re wondering why I’m sitting here, it’s because Daddy put me in time out for accidentally  farting on Will.”  Jay-8

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24 Responses to I Swear…it was an accident

  1. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) says:

    LMAO!!! That’s about all there is to say for this one.


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    I hate it when that happens. Sometimes those suckers are released without warning. At least, that is what I heard on the bus.


    • Hahaha! Lenore, you’re right, “it’s true…I heard it on the bus.” Starting in September, I’ve got to open a new blog to celebrate the wisdom learned on the school bus. I feel like it’s my duty to spread the word. 😉


  3. bearman says:

    You need to post those signs all over the house…too funny


  4. johncerickson says:

    Horrors! The boy’s history is sorely lacking! Doesn’t he know the Geneva Convention outlawed gas warfare? 😉


  5. Annie says:

    we never put his father in time out for doing the same thing!!!!!! Annie


  6. dragonfae says:

    LOL 😀

    What is it with boys and farts?


  7. jsh0608 says:

    HEHEHE LMFAO!!!! :0)


  8. Don’t put it in the air if you can’t take sitting in the chair… or… something along those lines.


  9. Can I put my husband in time out for farting on me almost every night?


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