Going Commando

“Mom, in case you’re wondering why I’m not                                                   wearing any underwear, it’s because Will wedgied me so badly that they ripped in half. If you’re looking for them, they’re in the trash.”  Jay-8

Paybacks are hell.

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16 Responses to Going Commando

  1. bearman says:

    Boy times really are tough. Thought maybe you could afford to buy the kid more than one pair of underwear at a time..hah


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    Hilarious! The picture adds a nice touch, too.
    This morning, I walked out into the living room to find my 5yr old sitting on the couch…. naked. “Um, why are you naked?”
    “You said to come out of my room, and I hadn’t gotten dressed yet.”


  3. johncerickson says:

    I always loved the Jeff Foxworthy bit about “going commando”. “A wife says ‘I have no underwear on’ and the husband thinks ‘Oh boy, I am getting lucky tonight!’ A husband says ‘I have no underwear on’ and the wife thinks ‘Oh God, I will have to wash those jeans at LEAST twice!'”


  4. Hahaha! My daughter actually bet her brother that he wouldn’t go ask dad to give him a wedgie the other day. The bet was that if he went through with it, she’d give him a foot rub. The next thing we hear is “Dad, can you please give me a wedgie.. I really, really want one”. Needless to say his sister was forced into a foot rub right after, lol! Great post!


  5. frigginloon says:

    Just be grateful they ripped in half or you’d be washing them more than twice I’m guessing 😦


  6. Tony McGurk says:

    Musta been a super duper mega wedgie. I can relate as I had to tell my wife to stop wedgieing me as she was busting all my waist elastic


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