Girls Stink!

“Jay, here’s the thing about girls…they’re mean, really mean.                            The worst part is they think they’re really nice, but they’re not. The only good ones are the really old ones…like mom.”   Will-10 to Jay-8

Hey! Wait a second…


A mother's plight to find the funny in the frustrating and save her sanity.
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31 Responses to Girls Stink!

  1. Bearman says:

    What is grandma in their eyes….or do you all look the same over 20??


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    No worries – really old is the new ‘really young’.


  3. jacquelincangro says:

    Tell Jay it’s all part of the mystique.


  4. Annie says:

    Dick and I were just saying the same thing………Well you are having a birthday soon………


  5. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) says:

    I’m convinced that age is just a state of mind. Right now I feel about 10, which I guess means I’m mean.


  6. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    “Really old ones.” *giggle*

    I remember when I thought 30 was ancient. My 18-year-old self would call this 32-year-old me a geezer without blinking an eye. 🙂


  7. jsh0608 says:

    I agree with Deborah. I use to think that 30 was old. And well I will be 30 next year and well, I don’t think I am all that old…ok ok I still think I’m old, but not as old as I thought when I was younger that’s for sure. :0)


  8. Kids certainly throw you off when they say multiple things you should correct and you’re not sure what to respond to first.


  9. Tony McGurk says:

    Ha!!! Kids can be so cruel to us old timers


  10. frigginloon says:

    I think it’s worse when it comes for someone who isn’t your kid! 😦


  11. Whoaaaa… that stings! 😉


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