You Say Lazy, I Say Relaxing

“Mom, I swear! The swim team coaches specifically said that we should rest up for the big meet this weekend. They said we shouldn’t waste any of our energy…that means we’re not allowed to do stuff like clean our rooms or extra chores. We’re just supposed to lay around, watch TV and do nothing. How come you never believe me?” Anna-11

Hahahahaha! Gotta love her for trying.


A mother's plight to find the funny in the frustrating and save her sanity.
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19 Responses to You Say Lazy, I Say Relaxing

  1. Dad says:

    Poor kid. The rest she got over the last 2 weeks on vacation was not nearly enough.


  2. Bearman says: extra chores. Just do the ones you are supposed to.


  3. johncerickson says:

    I gotta stop switching over to your blog from my naval warfare sites. I read your title as “You Say Lazy, I Say RELOADING”. Then again, a full round of ammunition IS quite relaxing…. 😉
    I tried that once with my dad. He wanted to do some work on a car (long before I was a gearhead) and I told him I had an organ recital and couldn’t hurt my hands. He pointed out how difficult it would be to play if I couldn’t sit down.
    As the phrase goes, “‘Nuff said.”


    • John, this made me laugh out loud! How did the recital go? 😉


      • johncerickson says:

        Pretty good, despite my terror of appearing in public. Never stuck with it, though – I tend to bounce from interest to interest. I’m pretty good on keyboards, but only fair on guitar (despite my screwed up left wrist not rotating fully). I do enjoy singing in choir, though nobody’s ever reviewed my voice. Not sure I’d want to SEE those reviews……
        Subtlety was never my dad’s forte. I love to sleep in, he loves to get up around 5:30 even after he retired. My mom ordered him to let me sleep, so he found an alternative. My bedroom wall was the backside of the garage wall, on which my dad hung his extension ladder (over 80′ long and HEAVY) on metal hooks. Even if he was working in the garden, he ALWAYS found a need for the ladder no later than 6:30 every Saturday, whereupon he would drag the ladder of its’ mounts. “Fingernails on the chalkboard” times a billion!


  4. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) says:

    I like the way she thinks . . .:)


    • …sometimes less is more. 🙂

      I’m thinking I might come up with my own swim coach. “Sorry everyone, but mom is off-duty. I’m just gonna lay here on the couch. You guys need to fend for yourselves. Now, shhhh…I can’t hear what Oprah is saying.”


  5. She makes a good point…


  6. Lenore Diane says:

    Wait. That’s what I tell my kids when they complain about all the dog hair in the house. I tell them I was told by my swim coach to put off my chores. Their response is always the same, “What swim coach?”
    Those pesky kids ….


  7. frigginloon says:

    Have you got the name of the coach, I might need a note 🙂


  8. I might try this one on my wife.
    I’m sure it’ll work.
    Even though I’m 31 years old.
    And can’t swim.


  9. Tony McGurk says:

    Hmmmm… I wonder if my boss will be gullible to get conned with this one…


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