Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…who really cares at all?

“But Mom, I don’t care about looking good.                                                                I’m gonna save that for when I grow-up and don’t have any fun stuff left to do.”  Jay-8 

Hmmm…an interesting perspective.

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18 Responses to Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…who really cares at all?

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    Haha! I’m gonna save that looking-good part too.


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    Not me. It was easier to make myself look good when I was younger. The work involved in looking good nowadays? Not worth it, thanks. I have better things to do. 🙂


  3. Spectra says:

    How interesting…I just hit “publish” a few minutes ago, on my own post connected to “Mirror, Mirror”, (only called it my demonic magic mirror) and popped over here. What a coincidence! I guess something is in the air? (like my fat?)


  4. John Erickson says:

    Oh yeah. He’ll save that looking-good stuff – until the right little cutie catches his eye. Then you’ll need another bathroom just for HIS haircare stuff!
    (I avoided that awkward teenage phase – I went straight to awkward adult. 😀 )


  5. I’m afraid I just can’t relate on this one.
    Now where’s that bowl… I think it’s time to give my hair a bit of a trim…


  6. frigginloon says:

    I think that’s where I’m at, pass me the mirror 😦


  7. Since I’m still having fun, I guess I should adopt his philosophy. I’m just not ready to look good quite yet.


  8. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    Hahahaha! I’m going to have to write that down and bust it up the next time I get the up-and-down gaze coupled with an “ORLY?” look! 😀


  9. hahahahaha… that’s all I have left, trying to look good!


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