This American’s Got Talent

“Mom, you’ve gotta see this. Jay is drinking chocolate milk out of his belly button…with a straw!”  Will-10 about Jay-8

I’m so proud. I think this is worthy of mention in this year’s Christmas card.

Dear Friends and Family,

Season’s Greetings! I hope this finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy.

I normally don’t like to brag about the fact that my children are excessively gifted, but our family has some exciting news to share. Jay has perfected the art of drinking chocolate milk out of his belly button. It’s really quite remarkable. We’re hoping he trys tomato soup next.

We are expecting a phone call at any moment from Sharon Osbourne over at America’s Got Talent. We’re quite certain he’ll win.  


A mother's plight to find the funny in the frustrating and save her sanity.
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44 Responses to This American’s Got Talent

  1. Bearman says:

    I want to be on your christmas list now


  2. That would be a Christmas newsletter that I’d actually enjoy reading.


    • Each year, I’m tempted to send out an outrageous newsletter with my Christmas card. This might be the year!

      Becomingcliche! Thanks for popping in and for the Twitter follow. I’m still trying to wrap my head around Twitter…I don’t really get it. It sort of makes me feel old and unpopular. 😦


  3. Dad says:

    Maybe that is a way to get him to try some foods that he says he doesn’t like. “Hey Jay, I’ll bet you can’t eat that casserole out of your belly button”. I suppose he is going to need to shave his chest hair after all.


  4. Lenore Diane says:

    I second ‘becomingcliche’s’ sentiment… more Christmas letters should tell such tales. I foresee a “Heard it on the bus” Christmas letter in your future. Please add me to your list of recipients.
    In other news, I cannot help but think Jay is going to be quite popular in college.


  5. brainrants says:

    That’s completely funny until I stopped to think about the stuff I had in my belly button as a kid. Eeew… *gags*


  6. Does that straw have a filter to, you know, filter out the lint?


  7. *sluuuurrrrrpppp*


  8. John Erickson says:

    And people wonder why I miss the old “Gong Show”…..


  9. granny1947 says:

    Thank you for the visit.
    How does he DO that?
    I would have to navigate past my boobs!


  10. MC/Curtis says:

    He can put that on his resume in the future!


  11. msmouse7 says:

    Unfortunately I was sipping tomato soup (out of a bowl using a spoon) when I read this. My laptop screen does not appreciate Jay’s new talent as the laptop screen was covered in soup. Too funny–what a talented child you have!


  12. Oh God, how I’ve missed these little quips of yours. Ha..ha.. Too funny!


  13. cooper says:

    Now you’ve done it. I’ve written those letters year after year – always with some sort of unusual slant…but now you have inspired me to write this year’s letter so I don’t feel like I’m competing with the letters from my friends who talk about their kids performing brain surgery a year out of med school for the royal family…or the one who is a triple major studying abroad at Oxford with a 4.0 GPA and a full scholarship….


  14. Tori Nelson says:

    Call me crazy, but I’m seriously impressed. Ok, so I’m crazy 🙂


  15. Tony McGurk says:

    Now that’s a great talent. Where ever he goes his milkshake container is with him. Portability is always important when you need a drink on the run


  16. Funny. Gotta find gifting where you can! 🙂


  17. An ounce of chocolate milk is kinda healthy. Plus there might be a little protein bonus somewhere in the belly button lint. This is going to be a great Christmas letter!


    • Welcome, Very Busy Mom! I never considered belly button lint as a protein alternative, but you might be on to some strange new diet craze. Who knows, maybe Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem will add it to their portion controlled meals.
      Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoy the nonsense.


  18. I thiink we are like-minded bloggers… thanks for liking mine..

    Roz (aka chloe from Not All Glamour)


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