Driving Blind

“Mom, how do blind people drive?” Jay-8

Hmm…I never thought about this. I imagine this could potentially be an enormous problem.

Picture the scene…you and your significant other are driving down the highway enjoying the scenery when you notice a car swerving up ahead.

“Honey, stay away from the blue car up ahead. That guy is all over the road. I bet he’s drunk. Where are the cops when you need them?”

“No sweetie, he’s not drunk…just blind.”

“Oh, thank God! I was worried.”

As you pass by, you smile and roll down your window to shout out a few words of encouragement…

“Hey, you’re doing great! Just watch out for the lane merge up ahead.” You give him a thumbs-up and fly by.

Feeling good about what you’ve just witnessed, you glance back to get one last look at the little blue car just in time to see him plow right into the median…backing up traffic for miles.

“You know what, Jay? I’m pretty sure blind people don’t drive.”

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46 Responses to Driving Blind

  1. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) says:

    I’m not sure, the way some people drive I think blind driver’s might actually be better. True, they can’t see the road, but they might be more cautious and less idiotic. 😉


  2. You sounded like me practically word for word with the “Honey, stay away from the car up ahead. He’s all over the road and I’m pretty sure he’s been drinking. Damn cops are never far when you burn a tail light out, or don’t come to a complete stop at the sign, but where the heck are they when they’re really needed?”
    How do blind people drive? That boy of yours is never at a loss for providing blogging fodder is he? Ha..ha..


  3. cooper says:

    HA!!! My roommate (and still good friend) from college is blind. We let him drive down the highway one night – with passenger assistance naturally. Of course he would also sit in the dining hall with someone elses glasses pretending to read the newspaper and was often seen running full speed into heavy doors (after many Jack Daniels).


  4. Bearman says:

    Why would you give him a thumbs up?? He can’t see it haha


  5. Karen says:

    I would never underestimate the abilities of a blind person. In college I was the GM at our radio station and we had a blind engineer wire and fix all of our electrical issues. He was AWESOME (and had two seeing helpers of course). Love this and your other blogs. Thanks so much for stopping by my yesterday!!


    • Karen, thank you so much for popping over to check things out and for your kind words. I hope you enjoy the nonsense.
      Amazing story about your engineer. It just proves that you can do anything you put your mind to. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I remember asking my mom the same question many years ago! *stretches aching joints*



    • Deb, it’s no wonder I like you..great minds think alike.
      By the way, the aching joints will go away when Lil’D is bigger and you’re no longer forced to lift him in and out of carseats, strollers and highchairs. I felt like I was a 100-years-old all through my early thirties.


  7. Spectra says:

    I had a similar incident just last week…only they were avoiding me. Is it so very wrong to take pictures, with your camera all up in your own face, while driving over a bridge? I noticed cars staying like, 25 lengths behind me, doing 40 mph. Not kidding.


    • I only think it would be wrong if you were applying mascara at the same time. That’s where I draw the line. 😉
      I sure hope you posted pictures on your blog of the photos you were snapping. I’m heading over now to take a peek.


  8. Doc says:

    What a great sense of humor- or a great sense of the absurd- you have. Either way, I think we’re going to get along fine. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now, whenever I feel a little down, I have a place to come to for a pick-me-up. And when I feel up, I’ll stop by just cause I want to!


  9. What a question! My daughter was notorious for hearing things in the most abstract terms possible. I guess it’s a sign of a clever, elastic mind, but I got tired of finding out new ways simple things could be heard, and having to set her straight. 🙂


  10. as i reside in L.A. i’m pretty sure they do. drive that is. continue…


  11. John Erickson says:

    The same way they walk – with seeing eye dogs. But they can’t parachute, ’cause it scares the crap outta the dogs. 😀


  12. Jay needs to do a ride-along with my 81 year old Mother in Law…


  13. dragonfae says:

    I’m with Lisa and Barking. I too live in the LA area and would swear that at least 30% of the people on the road are blind. And half of the rest of them are texting. Sheesh.


  14. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    Wow, I haven’t experienced that here in Oz – and don’t want to!


  15. MC/Curtis says:

    I had a blind friend who learned to drive just enough and with a helpful shotgun passenger to play pranks on people who knew he was blind. The valet guys at a hotel he played piano at for example. With a passenger acting as his eyes he could pull away, drive straight, and make a nearby right turn to disappear from view.

    I really wouldn’t know who was riding shotgun though. 🙂


  16. Scholar Mel says:

    Blind people driving all the time. It’s just amazing that they let people who can see over the steering wheel drive. The above mentioned people are the same people and they are all over 80 years of age.


  17. JWo says:

    I often have wondered how blind people know when they are finished, um… wiping.
    I think something’s wrong with me.


  18. frigginloon says:

    Haven’t they invented seeing eye cars yet?


  19. Tony McGurk says:

    As long as other drivers give them plenty of room & they have a fully licenced Labrador in the car with them they should be fine.


  20. Занятная статья. Краткость явно Ваша сестра 😉


  21. кpacoткa says:

    Молодец конечно! Целиком поддерживаю! 🙂


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