Actions Speak Louder Than Words…but hurt!

“Mom, Will grabbed my hand and made me punch myself in the face 3 times for absolutely no reason. Should I go tell him he’s in big trouble?”

“What the fudge, Jay! That’s a bunch of crap! I was doing a magic trick and you tackled me out of nowhere. That was the only way I could get you off of me.”

“But I wanted you to play football with me.”

“Maybe the next time you should just ask.”

Will-10 & Jay-9

A word to the wise…

Don’t ask someone to watch a movie with you by throwing a DVD at their head.  Simply ask, “Hey! Would you like to watch a movie?”

Never ask someone to play basketball by throwing the ball at their head. Politely ask, “Hey! Would you like to play basketball?”

It’s rude to tell someone you’re hungry by throwing a pot at their head. Courteously suggest, “Hey! I’m hungry. Shall we make lunch?”


A mother's plight to find the funny in the frustrating and save her sanity.
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32 Responses to Actions Speak Louder Than Words…but hurt!

  1. It’s amazing how kids can remind us of the most logical things in life we sometimes forget. Communication is key to getting what we want, but all too often we’re afraid to just speak up and ask!


  2. I seriously just about shot hot chocolate out of my nose reading that and laughing!!! I LOVE your posts, your kids are hilarious!!!


  3. cooper says:

    If the mashed potatoes are bad, can I throw those at somebody’s head????


  4. Dad says:

    I know this has little to do with this blog but I have to say that I love the video. Sheldon Brown taking out Reggie Bush…oh the good ole days when the birds had corners that liked to tackle!


  5. Tori Nelson says:

    Haha, I love how he said “for no good reason” like if he had been forced to punch himself in the face for a really good reason, say, like curing world hunger or to win a bet, the punch would be totally acceptable 🙂


  6. madtante says:

    OOOOOOOOh! Now you tell me.


  7. Bearman says:

    It’s rude to tell someone you’re hungry by throwing a pot at their head. Courteously suggest, “Hey! I’m hungry. Shall we make lunch?”

    Had Dad done that? And what is the “WE” in making lunch.


  8. Lol, I agree with your advice! It’s best to be straightforward.


  9. I don’t know. Maybe the pot technique is more effective on some people. For example, on husbands who are watching T.V. and wouldn’t notice if the entire kitchen was on fire.

    Not that I’m thinking of anyone in particular.


  10. Sometimes I wear a pot on my head to suggest I’m hungry.
    Doesn’t get quite the same reaction it used to, though.


  11. Doc says:

    I think your kids are on to you. “Mom is telling all her friends crazy stories about us so let’s play along”. They probably huddle together at night and secretly come up with these stories. I mean, how do you punch yourself in the face 3 times and blame it on your brother?


  12. ryoko861 says:

    heeheehee…..this made me giggle. Kids have their own way of asking.


  13. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    Duly noted! 🙂


  14. dragonfae says:

    I’d rather throw the pot … at least I don’t get ignored that way. 😉


  15. says:

    You forgot to say please.


  16. …or hit someone over the head with a brick while saying “now don’t forget…” continue…


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