The Top Ten Good Ideas Gone Bad…A Year In Review

1. Thinking it’s a good idea to listen to your little brother’s idea that you both pee in your snow clothes to avoid the hassle of coming inside from the snow.

2.  Thinking it’s a good idea to pop a pimple with a sewing needle and then convince your brother to do the same when he doesn’t even have a pimple, but a hive from sneaking and eating too much candy.  

3.  Thinking it’s a good idea to pee in the trash can in the bathroom because your little brother is in your way.

4.  Thinking it’s a good idea to cut your American Girl doll’s hair and then hide the evidence behind the furnace in the basement.

5.  Thinking it’s a good idea to agree to enter a sleeping bag head first and then allow your little brother to drag you down a wooden staircase as fast as he can.

6.  Thinking it’s a good idea to draw on your little brother while he’s sleeping…with permanent marker.

7.  Thinking it’s a good idea to carve a pumpkin, while taking a shower, with paper clips and a steak knife.

8.  Thinking it’s a good idea to try out dad’s nose hair clippers on your eyebrows and then lie that you accidentally got some duct tape stuck on your forehead.

9.  Thinking it’s a good idea to accidentally eat a few extra vitamins because they taste really good and you have no self-control.

10. Thinking it’s a good idea to take your little brother’s dare to run through the snowy backyard barefoot, only to discover that you’ve lost your shoes and socks in the snow and your lovely older sister has locked you out.

Please share your own good ideas gone bad. You’ll feel better sharing them and I’ll feel a little better knowing that my house is not the only home that made a few bad decisions this year.


A mother's plight to find the funny in the frustrating and save her sanity.
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51 Responses to The Top Ten Good Ideas Gone Bad…A Year In Review

  1. madtante says:

    Clearly, Jay is the mad scientist of the family!


  2. debbie goldberg says:

    I love this one, Nancy!



  3. Megan Bieber says:

    Kyle used to paint the walls with poop as a child. We called him poo-poo Picasso. He’s had better ideas in his life.


  4. John Erickson says:

    #5 – I see one fundamental flaw in that plan. I thought it was written somewhere that it’s the OLDER brother who drags the YOUNGER one around. Definite fail there!
    My epic fail? Believing you can jump, from the 10′ high front porch, into the grass beyond the sidewalk. When you’re 6. And missing the grass by that number of inches. To cap it off, I didn’t knock myself out, and while standing in the ER, and asked by a nurse why I looked familiar, I proudly help up the finger I had smashed a few weeks earlier, when I tipped over in the little red wagon I was riding in and banged the finger between the steel wagon and the pavement. Happily chatting away, all the time with blood running down my forehead and my mother FREAKING OUT! 😀
    Thank goodness there wasn’t the level of twitchiness with child abuse back then. My dad took photos of my sister and I every year when school started. There is not one in which one of us is unbruiised or un-bandaged!


  5. artjen1971 says:

    Thinking it’s a good idea to tell my child that the police will come and get him if he doesn’t buckle up…wonder why he’s become a paranoid neurotic?
    (Most of the bad decisions are made by me trying to leverage something…)


  6. I’m sure there were plenty of epic fails in my household this year, I just have blanked them all out of my mind. You are not alone.


  7. jacquelincangro says:

    I think most of these can be chalked up to multitasking, no? For example, #7. He was probably trying to take care of some Halloween decorating, getting clean and eating at the same time. I say we applaud his ingenuity. 🙂


  8. daeja's view says:

    Thinking it’s a good idea to play “let’s pretend it’s snowing” and use an entire large-size container of baby powder to make that happen – so that it covers every single thing in the room, including them.


  9. Tori Nelson says:

    Oh my! The vitamin thing is crazy. I may or may not have had to ask a neighbor to drive my little sister to the ER when we were young. I was babysitting. She was munching on orange flavored vitamin “candy”.


  10. O. Leonard says:

    After I finished laughing, I thought, “No, these can’t be true.” Then I remembered my own kids and then my grandkids, and then I flashed back to some of the things I thought were good plans when I was young, and then I thought, “Wow, you’ve got some pretty creative and daring kids there.”


  11. Carrie says:

    #8?? Sheer pricelessness.

    THAT is some good stuff there! And I apologize for laughing so hard. I’m betting you didn’t find much humor when it happened.

    But OMG!


  12. sheeesh Nancy…i guess maybe in a few years you’ll find this all endearing and funny.
    P.S. statues oughta be erected to moms no doubt. continue…


  13. Lenore Diane says:

    See … here’s the thing. Your post made me laugh out loud, then I stopped and said, “Hey! Are there video cameras in here?” I won’t claim to have experienced every item you shared, but I might admit to one or five. I’d share some things with you – but I’ve chosen to forget them. Please, don’t make me go back there. (smile)


  14. I think I gotta get me a different kid. Mine never has these good ideas.


  15. #6 is why I hide all our sharpees before slumber parties.


  16. Barb says:

    Okay…I see your problem here. It’s the little brother You’d be Einstein if it weren’t for his mini-me influence. Has Fear Factor called you two yet to do a show?


  17. dragonfae says:

    ROTFL … OMG Nancy, I swear I almost peed my pants on this one! We have no youngins here anymore and I’m not about to admit to my own faux paux so I’ll just mention that my ex once thought it was a great idea to sock-skate across the kitchen floor I’d just waxed … until he hit the carpet and went head-first into a wall. 🙄


  18. Karen says:

    Oy! That’s all I can say. Oy!!


  19. muddledmom says:

    Number 5, just ouch! Kids just don’t think it through sometimes. Great post!


  20. ryoko861 says:

    Oh, #9 – the vitamins. Good idea that they’ll eat them if they’re the gummy kind. Bad idea if your kids love the gummy kind.

    You’re kids keep you busy don’t they?


  21. Scholar Mel says:

    I was about 23, not yet married. I mention not being married yet because if I was, my intelligent wife would not have let this happen.

    I love tacos! I cook them myself. I buy the soft corn shells that can be deep fried. Once I made some and decided to freeze the rest for later use.

    The next time I went to eat them I got the grease all nice and hot. Then I placed a frozen shell in the hot grease. B A D I D E A!

    I’m lucky I didn’t get hurt. I thought that taco was going to blow up! Scared the crap out of me for sure. I would have rather peed my pants while playing in the snow.

    By the way, I think your blog is very awesome! And so does Google. Did you know that your blog has the honor of having Google sitelinks? Take a look:


    • Definitely a bad idea, Mel. You’re lucky you didn’t end up in a burn ward. That’s why I bake my tacos. 😉
      Thanks for the Google info. I’m not sure how that happened, maybe a little help from the WordPress gods.
      Happy Holidays!


  22. Doc says:

    The one good thing about being my age is that I can’t remember any of my- or my children’s- past good ideas gone bad. Oh, wait. I do remember setting a frying pan on fire when I was home alone at around age 8 or 9. Somehow I got the fire out but couldn’t clean the pan. So I threw it away in the bottom of the outside trash can. My mom never did find out what happened to it. Not too interesting a story, unless maybe I put the fire out by peeing in the pan? I don’t remember…


  23. Hahaha…
    I hope the doll got a hard-rocking cut, anyway.
    Femullet, by any chance?!


    • I accidentally gave myself a femullet in 7th grade. I thought I could turn my wild locks into a feathered Farah Fawcett creation. I failed to consider the amount of shrinkage that takes place when wet curly hair becomes dry. I lied and told everyone at school I got a really bad haircut at Supercuts. I’m still scarred. 😦
      Happy Holidays, Sig!


  24. Tony McGurk says:

    All hilarious Nancy. I really laughed lots at the sleeping bag down the stairs trick..

    P.S. Hope you don’t mind but I stole/borrowed & slightly rearranged your header to used for Wednesday’s “Today’s Featured Site”. If you prefer I didn’t use it please let me know & I’ll remove it. Regards Tony


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