He Ain’t No Fred Astaire

“Mom, if you make me sign-up for Ballroom dancing at school, I’ll be forced to run away, probably to Mexico and then you’ll be down to just 2 kids. I thought you should know.” Will-11

As tempting as this may sound, I’d really miss the kid.

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17 Responses to He Ain’t No Fred Astaire

  1. I wonder what I would need to sign my daughter up for to make her run away to Mexico? Don’t worry . . . I’d miss her too, I was just wondering.


  2. ryoko861 says:

    At least he didn’t hear it on the bus! Are they really making kids do ballroom dancing now? What happen to the all dreaded square dancing?


    • It’s a recommended after-school activity. The part that scares the kids off, even more than the actual dancing, is that they have to ask/invite another classmate to be their partner for the year. As you can imagine, this is torutre for most 11-year-old boys.


      • ryoko861 says:

        That’s just not right! Is he ever going to ball room dance? Why not make him take tap dancing while they’re at it? Some schminagle thought this would be a great way for kids to stay out of trouble after school and “culture” them. Be real!


  3. Weren’t there some former football players on Dancing with the Stars? I think that makes it ok.


  4. You should send him to Mexico for a week…see how much he wants to become a ballroom dancer then..


  5. Meemaw says:

    No, no, no! When I talked about wanting an even number of grandchildren, I certainly didn’t mean that one should be deducted! When it comes to grandchildren, the only math concept that should be followed is addition – always addition. I’m with my Will on this whole ballroom dancing situation, although Rosarito is probably very nice this time of year. Hmmm.


  6. I gotta side with Will on this one. Better Montezuma’s Revenge than a Strauss Waltz! 😀


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