You Better Let Her Sing

Jay:  Mom, you’re never gonna believe this, but today at recess, a bunch of girls on the playground called me over. They were standing in a group with their arms crossed and their hands on their hips. I was sorta scared to walk over because they all looked really mad. I think one girl was even chewing gum.

Me:  No, way! What did they say?

Jay:  They were all like…

“Hey, Jay! Come over here!”annoyed

“Umm, yeah?”

“You know what? We came to your house at Christmas time to sing carols and guess what? You. Weren’t. There.” 

“Oh. I wasn’t?”

Nope. And we think that was really rude. Where were you?”

“Umm, I guess I wasn’t home.”

“Well, just so you know, we’re coming back next year and guess what else?


You. Better. Be. There.”

“Umm, ok.”

“Oh, and one more thing, Jay. When we sing…you better smile. Got it?”

Umm, ok. Yeah.”

“Good. Now, go!”

Jay:  And Mom, I swear, when I walked away, one of them threw a piece of mulch at my head.


A mother's plight to find the funny in the frustrating and save her sanity.
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16 Responses to You Better Let Her Sing

  1. dad says:

    Ahh, Jay’s first girlfriend…isn’t that how it works in 4th grade? What am I talking about? 4th grade, 12th grade, college, beyond…does it ever change? We never really know what we are in trouble for. It’s the curse of the male gender (ha ha).


  2. Jay’s in trouble. Love it.


  3. Have some figgy pudding ready to go, too.
    It seems like this could really escalate quickly.


  4. ryoko861 says:

    They like him!!! Especially the one who threw the mulch!!!


  5. muddledmom says:

    I kind of like this phase. Is that wrong? My son is starting to catch on to the weird things girls do. Honestly, I don’t have any answers. I think he should be there too. I think he should smile a little too much.


  6. I would not want to cross those girls. Jay had better stay home the entire month of December, just in case.


  7. Karen says:

    Girls. Girls. Girls. At least he has a sister to help prep him. 🙂


  8. Binky says:

    Tough girls! They must be part of a caroling gang.


  9. Grannie Annie says:



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