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Jackpot Jay

Me:  I’m not selling your desk so you can buy a poker table and put it in your room. Jay:  Aw, c’mon, Mom! It would be so epic. And, I’d get a mini fridge and fill it with soda. Me:  … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts For Awesome People

“Mom, it’s just like that ancient Chinese riddle, ‘What’s more hyper… a fat dog laying on the couch or a monkey eating a banana?’” Monday morning deep thoughts and pearls of wisdom.          

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I See People

Strange observations from spending too much time in the kitchen…   Peanut Butter. The playful cousin to the uppity Nutella.     The French Toast Stick. The hip next-door neighbor to the young & impressionable French Toast.     The … Continue reading

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The Antisocial Extrovert

  “Mom, here’s the problem…you guys spend way too much time worrying about my math grades when the real problem here is that math makes me feel antisocial. And really, you don’t want my conversations in life to be about … Continue reading

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