Bad Ideas

Bad Idea…Thinking it’s a good idea to listen to your little brother’s idea that you both pee in your snow clothes to avoid the hassle of coming inside from the snow.

“Mom, in case you’re wondering why I’m not wearing any underwear, it’s because Will wedgied me so badly that they ripped in half. If you’re looking for them, they’re in the trash.” Jay-8

Bad Idea…Thinking it’s a good idea to draw on your little brother while he’s sleeping…with permanent marker.

“Mom, Will peed on me!”…”Jay, that’s because you peed on me first!”…”But my pee was an accident. Your pee was on purpose!”…”Well Jay, maybe I was just getting you back for peeing on me outside yesterday!”…”Will, that’s only because you dared me to see if my pee would freeze. It’s your own stupid fault you got in the way!”

“Mom, how badly do you think I’ll get hurt if I try to ride my skateboard down the slide?” Jay-8

“Mom, can you help me? I need a permanent marker, duct tape, a flash light, a juice bag, some goldfish crackers in a bowl and Will’s Ipod. Can you put it in a box and bring it outside? I’ll be on the swings.” Jay-8

Bad Idea…Thinking it’s a good idea to take your little brother’s dare to run through the snowy backyard barefoot, only to discover you’ve lost your shoes and socks in the snow and your lovely older sister has locked you out.

5 Responses to Bad Ideas

  1. Autumn says:

    hahaha, this is so funny!!

    good stuff and kids!


  2. lexidelphia says:

    This a great blog! I have two kids, and some of this sound familiar.


  3. Neeks says:

    Too funny. I remember doing stupid stuff with my brother and sister, makes me feel bad for my daughter, an only child.


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