Deep Thoughts & Pearls of Wisdom

“Mom, I think I need to floss between my toes. It looks like I’ve got arm pit hairs growing in there.” Jay-8

“Jay, here’s the thing about girls…they’re mean, really mean. The worst part is they think they’re really nice but they’re not. The only good ones are the really old ones like mom.” Will-10

“Mom, just so you know…I don’t act this crazy at school. I pretty much save it up all day for you.” Jay-8

“Mom, here’s the thing I just don’t get…how in the heck can I look just like Daddy when I came out of you?” Will-10

“Ok Jay, my people are set up over here and your people are set up over there. If your people break the rules then my people can sue your people.”…”But Anna, I have no idea what suing is.”…”Well Jay, it means that my people can take all of your people’s money.”…”Anna, that just sounds like stealing to me.”…”No Jay, it’s not stealing. It’s suing and it’s legal.”

“Mom, I wasn’t lying…I was acting. There’s a huge difference.” Jay-8

“Seriously Mom, what’s the point of manners if I’m never getting married? There’s really nobody I’ll ever need to impress.” Will-10

10 Responses to Deep Thoughts & Pearls of Wisdom

  1. momofsteel says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog too. I think we have the same sense of humor about motherhood. Keep it up, you’re funny. 🙂


  2. Joelle says:

    You are funny!!!! LOVE this, my friend! Congrats – this is the first success story I have heard of thru Facebook!


  3. I am absolutely cracking up! If your kids and my kids joined forces, we would see the apocalypse, for sure. Thanks for stopping by my blog… I can’t wait to read more 🙂


  4. Hilarious stuff! I was crying! Thanks for “liking” my post.


  5. Can’t wait to see what my guys come up with at these ages. The four year old (We call him Turbo) already floors me regularly. But now that I want to I can’t remember a GD thing he’s said lately that was funny. You must keep a little notebook handy, huh?


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