Long Term Plans

“Mom, I’m not getting married or having kids when I grow-up cause that way I won’t have anybody to miss when I’m on the road in the NBA.” Will-10

“Mom, you never have to worry about missing me when I grow-up cause I’m still gonna live here when I get married and you can cook dinner for me and my kids every night.” Jay

“Mom, I’m never getting married. Girls are weird and talk too much.” Will-10

4 Responses to Long Term Plans

  1. Too cute. My 4 year old once told me he’s not getting married because he “has enough people in his life.” 🙂 Gotta love ’em!


  2. “I will never have kids because by the time the time comes, I will have spent too much time with kids like you, Mom.”
    Wait a second, are you saying I am not a good kid, wait…I am your mom, you should not be saying mean things like this to me.


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