My Parents Are Social Retards

“Mom, you don’t know this but Jay mimics you every time you yell at him. You gotta see him do’s really funny.” Will-10

“Seriously Mom, can you buy some white bread? Do you even know how embarrassing it is being the only kid in 5th grade with brown bread?” Anna-11

“Mom, if you only had one kid would you drive a Lamborghini instead of a mini-van?” Jay

“Mom, I want you to stand on the front porch when my bus passes but please don’t look at the bus and definitely don’t wave or shout out.” Anna-11

“Mom, how come we’re always late to everything?” Will-10

“Mom, you look really pretty with your big nose. It’s pointyness fits your face in a good way.” Anna-11

“Mom, I get that I’m not allowed to mimic you guys anymore or I’ll get in trouble. How about if I just mimic body movements instead of words…would that be ok?” Jay-8 

“Mom, you know I love you and I should always be honest…right? Well, you look completely ridiculous in that outfit. You look like you’re wearing maternity clothes.”  Anna

6 Responses to My Parents Are Social Retards

  1. I’d love to see the outfit that inspired that last quote. I actually own a shirt and a skirt that are technically maternity clothes, but I don’t think anyone can tell… I hope not anyway.


  2. My kids could all go on the road with routines that make fun of me. And my daughter has kindly shared with me every single thing I do that is embarrassing, so that I can improve myself.


  3. Whatever says:

    Yeah kids can get embaressed because youvare not very “perfect” its not your faults though its because your kids are socially weak or inconfident but dont over do it try to be as less socially akward as possible


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