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A Writing Hangover

I find writing to be a lot like drinking. After a cocktail or two, I feel like the most fascinating person in the world. Sorta like the Dos Equis guy, only less mannish and minus the accent. It’s not until the next morning, when I’m left with a … Continue reading

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So, You’d Like To See Me Naked?

Have you noticed that WordPress has decided to post your Subscriber Stats on your Home page? You haven’t? Well, go take a look. There they are, right above your cute little Subscription button…your subsciber count. See it? Great. Now tell me…what do … Continue reading

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This Blogging Thing

I don’t have a clever kid quote today. It’s pretty hard to top yesterday’s and I’m not sure I want to. I’ve been at this blogging thing for a month now and I’m really having a fantastic time. I’m feeling … Continue reading

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My Plight To Find The Funny In The Frustrating And Save My Sanity

It all started as a joke on facebook. Quite honestly, as a way to poke fun at my friends who were “psyched to have the laundry folded” or “feeling fab after running 25 miles without breaking a sweat”. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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