All Things Gross & Disgusting

“Mom, I think the school is a terrible cook. I seriously think they barf and then form it into whatever they are serving for the day.” Will-10  

“Mom, if you’re wondering why I’m sitting here it’s because Daddy put me in time out for accidentally farting on Will.” Jay-8

“Hey Will, get this…when I accidentally fart in school I just make a surprised face and look at the kid next to me.” Jay-8

“Jay, close your eyes and give me your hand…ok, do you feel that? Now tell me, do you think that’s a real booger or a fake booger?” Will-9

“Jay, how in the heck can that kid on the bus fart an entire song?…”I don’t know Will, but I think he should be in the world record books. The best I can do is burp my ABC’s.”

“Mom, there’s a sea of pee on the bathroom floor and it’s not my fault.” Jay-8

“Hey Will, check out this picture. Look closely…do you see that booger hanging out of my nose? Pretty awesome, huh? I can’t believe we never noticed that before!” Jay-8

12 Responses to All Things Gross & Disgusting

  1. Okay, I’m laughing my head off.


  2. Oh dear. Too funny. My boys are 5 and 3, but thanks for the preview. Sort of. My 3 yr old let out a huge burp the other day, and said “I am a big boy – that was a grown up burp!” :0


  3. joyannaadams says:

    One time, when my son was five, he was convinced that God was Japanese. I thought that was pretty gross.


  4. Okay, would you please hide a video camera in your purse and just follow these kids around? Turn it into a series, and I’ll watch it every week. Promise.


  5. Okay and I thought scraping dog poop off my poor darling dog “abbeys” little butt @ 3:00am was gross! Sorry..No kids to compare what is more gross(kid poop or dog poop) I think at that time of the morning… poop is poop! Gross is gross. However you win! 🙂


  6. poet365 says:

    This is one of those crappy, smelly, disgusting,
    horrid postings isn’t it, or is it just just stinky for short? 🙂


  7. poet365 says:

    Sorry about the st…st…st… stutter 😦 lol


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