It’s Crapping Up My Life

Jay:  Mom, I seriously wish math would stop crapping up my life.

Me:  Jay, math is important. It helps your brain develop.

Jay:  It hurts my brain, that’s what it does. Can’t I just skip it?

Me:  You’re in 5th grade. You can’t skip math. It’s against the law.

Jay:  How about if I just skip fractions? C’mon, write the school a little note explaining that it makes my brain hurt. I’ll sit in the nurse’s office during math.

Me:  Stop being ridiculous.

Jay:  Why do I even have to know this stuff anyway? It’s not like I’m gonna be some boring bank dude. No offense or anything, Dad. That type of job is good for you.

Dad:  Gee, thanks, Jay.

Jay:  What I mean is, that’s just not who I am. I wanna be an artist or a writer or even a comedian. You don’t need math for any of that stuff.

Dad:  Sure you do.

Jay:  Maybe if you plan on being a Math Comedian and then your jokes would be like, “So, the 4 walked up to the 6 at the bar and said, ‘Hey, baby! Let’s multiply.'”

Happy Friday, everyone!. May your weekend be math-free…especially for those “boring bank dudes.” Poor guys. 😉 

Boring Bank Dude is crying because math is "crapping up" his life.

Boring Bank Dude is crying because math is “crapping up” his life.


A mother's plight to find the funny in the frustrating and save her sanity.
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15 Responses to It’s Crapping Up My Life

  1. Fun! I’m on his side (well only because I can’t help Sarah with 5th grade math, the way they teach it confuses me).


  2. dad says:

    Maybe the reason I wasn’t offended is because I am not a bank dude, lol. I might be boring though.


  3. I always love your hilarious posts. Keep ’em coming.


  4. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    Aaaaah! Smiles at the post AND thanks to see a new post from you!


  5. Gray Dawster says:

    I love this one Nancy 🙂
    Happy New Year 2014
    and have a wicked time
    this weekend my dear 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  6. Annie says:

    I’m with Jay! I think you should take his case to the principal. He is not going to need it for his future profession, stand-up-comedian. Stand up for anti-math kids!


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