Kind Words & Loving Thoughts

“Mom, Anna tried to duct tape my mouth shut last night when the babysitter was here.”…”Yes, I did. but that’s only because Will told me to!”…”It’s true. I told her to do it because he was acting like a lunatic. Jay should get an F for the night, me a C+ and Anna an A.” 

“Mom, Jay said I was ugly and my feet stink!” Anna-11

“Mom, Will hit me on the head with his shoe…on purpose.” Jay-8

“Will, if it smells bad in here it’s probably because of you.” Anna-11

“Mom, Jay threw his shirt on the ground, jumped on it and said it was my face.” Anna-11  

“Anna you are the meanest, most fartingest girl in the world.” Will

“Mom, Jay said I failed the second grade and I smell like poop.” Anna-11 

“Mom, Anna said she was going to kill me and I believe her!” Jay-8

“Mom, Jay said he’s going to fart on my pillow.” Anna-11

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