Let’s Make A Deal

Mom, I don’t get why you’re so mad. It’s only considered bribery when yourattlesnakes do it to the government. Then it’s illegal and you can get thrown in jail, I get that part. But, there’s nothing wrong with offering your brother and sister a little walking-around-cash from time to time, if you know what I mean. That’s perfectly legal. Now, how about another glass of chocolate milk?”


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21 Responses to Let’s Make A Deal

  1. But what was he getting for his money?


  2. Payment for services rendered. Mutually beneficial. Where is the line between payment and bribery? Food for thought and a lawyer in the making.


  3. cooper says:

    Sports agent in the making….


  4. Do you believe in re-incarnation? ‘Cause I think he’s channeling the REAL Mayor Daley….


  5. Karen says:

    Jay? I hope you have this blog for many years to come. I can’t wait to see what he ends up doing when he grows up 🙂


  6. ryoko861 says:

    This kid would be a great mobster. “Kid, have I got a deal for you…” (in your best Marlon Brando voice)


  7. Lenore Diane says:

    My son Joe handed his friend Sam a $20 in church, as a ‘thank you’ for being his friend. Thankfully, Sam’s parents asked Sam where he got the money, and Sam told them the story. Sadly, Sam had to return the money, and we had to enlighten Joe that you pay your friends when you are NOT in church. Kidding. We just told him to pay his friends $5 going forward. Ha. Kidding again.


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